Frases interesantes del Marketing 2013

Hola queridos lectores. Seis de las frases más importantes, inspiradas en el año 2013 como predicción de marketing por los autores más famosos:

“Customers are more curious and  more suspicious than ever. The only way to succeed in that environment is to tilt the marketing objective from selling to helping.” 

Jay Baer

“I believe that the personalized, integrated, experiential marketing portrayed in Minority Report is about to become a reality.”

Jeff Eden

“Marketing leaders will accelerate innovation in 2013 to make sense of all of these signals and content  to deliver meaningful engagement. And they will do it in milliseconds.”

Christopher Parking

“We can start doing what marketers everywhere are trying to do— send each user a tailored message in the  right environment at the right time.”

Ashraf Montasser

“The changing landscape for where and how emails are being viewed opens  the door for new innovations in email.”

Bryan Wade

“As consumers rediscover email’s coolness and manage more of their lives from the inbox, they’ll offer marketers an opportunity to truly engage them.”

Matt Blumberg

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